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Alexandra Crosby

Spatial Disorganization Triggered Environmental Damage

SIEJ, Jakarta – Agus Purnomo, president’s Special Staff for Climate Change considers that the condition of the cabinet of the Indonesian government currently inefficient. He explained that there is a tradition in Indonesia every new president then there will be a reshuffle or the addition of a new Ministry. Not to mention the decentralization of […]

Global WaterPartnership - a water secure world-Flickr

Indonesia’s Food Security Index Still Low

SIEJ, Jakarta – Data owned by the Food Security Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture said that the potential food sources in Indonesia is enough, namely: 77 carbohydrate source types, 26 nuts types, 389 fruit types, 228 vegetable types, and 110 spice types. It proves that Indonesia is a country that is rich in biodiversity. Ironically, […]

hutan papua

The REDD+ Management Agency Explains the Status of Demonstration Activities in Indonesia

SIEJ, Jakarta – In 2009, Indonesia voluntarily declare is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020 by 26 % on own efforts or reached 41 % with international aid. As part of this commitment, the Government formed REDD+ Management Agency who confirmed by the president on August 31, 2013 through the Presidential […]


Climate Change Affects Malaria Case in Ternate

SIEJ, Ternate – Climate change impacts in Ternate, North Maluku province was quite noticeably. The rainy season is currently unable to predict again when the start and end, often change with the heat at the moment should have already entered the rainy season in the region. It is as expressed by Mohamad Riva, head of […]

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  • 280px-Gunung_Slamet_dari_Kr_Salam

    Mount Slamet produce The Smoke Eruption 17 Times

    08/21/2014 clip Energi Today

    Within six hours, Mount Slamet produce 17 times the eruption of brown smoke as high as 100 to 500 meters on Wednesday (08.20) 06.00 to 12.00 hrs. Geological Disaster Mitigation Volcanology Center (PVMBG) also recorded 16 times eruption earthquake and 215 times earthquake blast. Read full text on Energitoday.

  • Rawa Tripa - Aceh Terkini

    Aceh Government Will Rehabilitate Tripa Swamp

    08/21/2014 clip Aceh Terkini

    Head of the Aceh Forest Service, Husaini Syamaun expressly said in the directives of the Aceh Governor, the status of Tripa Swamp which has been damaged will be rehabilitated. “While the remaining forest will be maintained,” said Husaini. Read full text on Acehterkini.

  • coffe-morning-gub

    Aceh Governor Held A Coffee Morning With Environmental Activists

    08/20/2014 clip Atjeh Link

    Aceh Governor Dr. Zaini Abdullah held a coffee morning with environmental activists from several Non Governmental Organization (NGO). In that occasion, to the NGO activists, Zaini Abdullah explains a few things related to illegal mining. “Regarding Illegal Mining, this time we’ve made the moratorium, especially iron ore, gold and others. The governor also said that […]

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture - FLickr

    There Are Hundreds Hotspot In Riau And Kalimantan

    08/20/2014 clip Energi Today

    Sawit Watch detailing the results of its monitoring in 1-5 August 2014, there are 15 hotspots in Riau. While in Kalimantan, there are 190 hotspots. Each, 162 points in West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan 21 points, 4 points in East Kalimantan, and 3 points in South Kalimantan. In Papua found 4 hotspots. Coordinator Sawit Watch, Jefri […]

  • vandana shiva

    Vandana Shiva: Our Seed Our Future

    08/19/2014 clip SIEJ Ekuatorial

    SIEJ, Jakarta – The seed is the starting point of a food system. When the seed is ruled by some group, then the food system will be controlled by that group. This was disclosed by Vandana Shiva, an eco-feminists, philosophers, writers, scientists and activists of the world from India at a public lecture entitled “Our […]

  • Forest by Joshua Mayer - Flickr

    Measure The Role Of Forests In Climate Adaptation

    08/19/2014 clip CIFOR Forests News

    We all know that forests play a role in mitigating climate change. However, we don’t know what kind the ability of forest that can help us to adapt to climate change? This knowledge gap has prompted a study of forest-based rural community strategy in a bid resilience against climatic variations across three continents. Preliminary results […]


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